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2017fq   2017 Halo Medallion fat quarter packs (8)
Sewing-Tool   4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool
Flatter8   8oz Flatter - Celebration Soak
AddQTRP   Add a 1/4" PLUS
Addqtr   Add a 1/4" Ruler X 6"
FPowerK   Alex Anderson Flower Power Kit includes Pattern
All-Things-Quilting-Book   All Things Quilting - Alex Anderson
AP-AS   American Painter / Angular Shader Paint Brush
ApliquickE-P   Apliquick - Pencil
ApliquickD-T   Apliquick Ergonomic Tweezers
AppliquickC-S   Apliquick Microserrated Scissors
Apliquick-ToolR   Apliquick Rods
Applique-Sheet   Applique Pressing Sheet
GP-Audrey-Ruler   Audrey Ruler from Gina Perkes
Apliquick-LS   B--Apliquick - 3 Holes Microserrated Scissors
Book-BQ   Beautifully Quilted with Alex Anderson
JRBMT   Binding Miter Tool
Bloc_LocTIS   Bloc_Loc 3" Triangle in a Square Ruler
Bloc_Loc-Flying-Geese-Ruler   Bloc_Loc 3X6 Finished Flying Geese Ruler
Drunkards-Path   Bloc_Loc 4" Drunkards Path Ruler
Bloc_Loc-KIS   Bloc_Loc 4" Kite in a Square Acrylic Ruler
Bloc_Loc-Ruler5x5   Bloc_Loc HST 5.5" Acrylic Ruler
PNBOHIN   BOHIN Quilter's Super Fine Pins
LW-Patchwork-Manual   Book - Patchwork Math Using Quilting Design Components by Lynn Wilder
Colonial5   Colonial 5" Round Edge Embroidery Hoop
GP-Control-Freak-Ruler   Control Freak Ruler from Gina Perkes
1-yard-cuts-only   Cotton and Steel Paper Bandana Posy Cotton Poppy
MHLacePattern   Crabapple Hill Studio - Lace Patterns Block of the Month Set
CGCSR   Creative Grids - Circle Savvy Ruler
MODA-Hansel-Gretel   Doll Pattern - Hansel/Gretel
1-17   DVD Bundle Sale - 1 - 17 (sold out on Series#4)
Paints   Dye-na-Flow Exciter Pack Paints
CT-ECW   Essential Color Wheel
ESACC   EverSewn Quilting Accessory Kit
ES15   EverSewn Sparrow 15
ES20   EverSewn Sparrow 20
ES25   EverSewn Sparrow 25
ESMBB   EverSewn Sparrow Red or Black Machine Tote Bag
MODA-FarmFun   Farm Fun Sewing Panel by Moda
BHunter-Tool   FAST2CUT Bonnie K. Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool
Tool-Circle-Goldsmith   fast2mark - Essential CIRCLE Tool
Book-FI   Finish It with Alex Anderson
FPower   Flower Power Pattern
BCPBook   Gyleen Fitzgerald - BRICKS - cobblestones AND PEBBLES
ATTRuler   Gyleen Fitzgerald -Angle Trim Tool -
SRoller1   Hyde - Wooden Seam Roller 1.25"
GP-Jane-Ruler   Jane Ruler from Gina Perkes
Karen-Kay-Scissors-Medium   Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors Medium 6"
RT-LL-DVD   Libby Lehman - A Day of Threadplay
Book-MQ   Machine Quilting with Alex Anderson
MachingerG   Machingers Gloves
MachingerG-0002   Machingers Gloves - Size S/M
Make-your-First   Make your First Quilt
GP-Marilyn-Ruler   Marilyn Ruler from Gina Perkes
MD-Shapes-Lace-Cards   Melissa & Doug Shapes Lace Cards
Droppers   Mixed Media - (5 flexible plastic droppers)
Book-Michele-Hill   More William Morris - Applique
Glow-Tape   Omnigrid-Glow-Line Tape
v-test   Out of Stock Test
VisiG   Paula Nadelstern - Visi-GRID - Quilter's Template Sheets
Block-Tool   Quick & Easy Block Tool Book
QS-Glue-Stick   Quilters Select - Fabric Glue Stick plus 1 Refill
QS-GlueStickRefill   Quilters Select - 4 Glue Stick Refills
Q.S.-Select-Bundle   Quilters Select - Bundle
Q.S.-Select-Rotary-Mat1218   Quilters Select - Select Rotary Mat - 12" X 18"
Q.S.Select-Rotary-Mat-1824   Quilters Select - Select Rotary Mat - 18"x24"
Q.S.-Select-Rotary-Mat2436   Quilters Select - Select Rotary Mat - 24" x 36"
QS-Starter   Quilters Select - Starter Kit
Q.S.-Quilting-Rulers1212   Quilters Select -Quilting Ruler 12 x 12
Q.S.-Quilting-Rulers66   Quilters Select -Quilting Ruler 6" X 6"
Q.S.-Quilting-Rulers88   Quilters Select -Quilting Ruler 8 x 8"
Q.S.-Quilting-Ruler312   Quilters Select 3" X 12" Quilting Ruler
Q.S.6x12R   Quilters Select 6" X 12" Quilting Ruler
Q.S.6x24R   Quilters Select 6" X 24" Quilting Ruler
Quilters-Select-Appli   Quilters Select Appli Stick
Q.S.-Appli-Web-Plus-Roll   Quilters Select Appli-Web Plus Fusible
Q.S.-CutAway   Quilters Select CutAway
Q.S.-Fabric-Prep   Quilters Select Fabric Prep Stabilizer
QSThreads08   Quilters Select Para-Cotton Poly Thread
QSThreadsC11   Quilters Select Perfect Cotton Plus Threads
QSThreadsC12   Quilters Select Perfect Cotton Plus Threads
Q.S.-Fuse-Lite   Quilters Select Print & Piece Fuse Lite
Q1-Print-and-Piece   Quilters Select Print and Piece
QS-Rotary-Cutter   Quilters Select Rotary Cutter
QS-Rotary-CutterB   Quilters Select Rotary Cutter Blades (5pack 45m Blades)
RT-Christmas-CD   Ricky Tims Christmas in a Small Town CD
RT-Christmastime-CD   Ricky Tims Christmastime CD
DVD-GF   Ricky Tims Grand Finale
RT=Heart-CD   Ricky Tims Heart n Soul CD
KK   Ricky Tims Kool Kaleidoscope
RT=Sacred-CD   Ricky Tims Sacred Age CD
RTStable   Ricky Tims Stable Stuff Poly
Glue-Baste-It   Roxanne Glue Baste It 1oz EZ-Squeezie Bottle
1   Series 1 DVD
10   Series 10 DVD
11   Series 11 DVD
12   Series 12 DVD
13   Series 13 DVD
14   Series 14 DVD
15   Series 15 DVD
16   Series 16 DVD
17   Series 17 DVD
2   Series 2 DVD
3   Series 3 DVD
5   Series 5 DVD
6   Series 6 DVD
7   Series 7 DVD
8   Series 8 DVD
9   Series 9 DVD
SharkRC   Shark Applicutter Rotary Cutter
RAppellBlade   Shark Applicutter Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades
Shiva2   Shiva - Paint Stick -set of 6 BASIC colors
Shiva1   Shiva - Paint Stick -set of 6 IREDSCENT Colors
Quilting-Panel-1   Skillbuilder 1 Fabric Sampler - Multi-Designs
Quilting-Panel-2   Skillbuilder 2 Fabric Sampler - Feather
MODA-Bunnies   Spring Bunny Fun by Moda
MODA-HowdyG   Stacy Iest Hsu - Doll Pattern - Howdy Lil Lady
MODA-HowdyCowboy   Stacy Iest Hsu - Doll Pattern - Howdy lil Cowboy
StartQ   Start Quilting, Third Edition with Alex Anderson
Steady1616   Steady Betty B50 16" X 16" Wood 50% Lighter
Steady1212   Steady Betty FeatherLight (no wood) 12" X 12" surface
two-and-one-quarter-cuts   Style#-5017-1 - Winter Pomegranates Navy
one-and-half-yard-cut   Style#1903-001 - Moonlit Matchsticks Gold
One-and-one-third-yd-cuts   Style#1919-3 - Puff Porcelain
five-eighths-yard-cut   Style#3022-1 - Strikes Pink
Three-quarter-cuts   Style#4009-1 - Stars Aqua Indigo
1-1-4-yard-cuts   Style#4015-2 - Steel Mesa Fernbook Coral
One-and-half-yards   Style#5001-012 - XOXO Rashida Cobalt
SulkyE   Sulky - Soft 'n Sheer Extra
Quilting-Slider   Supreme Slider
SILKFKITS   Tamara Leberer - Silk Fusion Kit Pheasant
LMThread   Thread-Painted Portraits by Lea McComas
UColorTool   Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool
WST4   WonderFIL Metallic Thread Tubes-(4 spools per tube)
WST4-0002   WonderFIL Specialty Threads-(4 spools per tube) - CHRISTMAS
WST4-0009   WonderFIL Specialty Threads-(4 spools per tube) - GOLD
WST4-0001   WonderFIL Specialty Threads-(4 spools per tube) - PASTEL
WST4-0003   WonderFIL Specialty Threads-(4 spools per tube) - PURPLE
WOOLR   Wool Roving Kits

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