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GCertificate   1-Year Star Membership Gift Certificate
2017BOMB   2017 Halo Medallion Block Of The Month Quilt Kit w/ 1-Year Membership Included
patchwork-barn-quilt   2018 Block Of The Month: The Patchwork Barn Quilt in Blue Sky - 1-Year Membership Included
patchwork-barn-quilt-cf   2018 Block Of The Month: The Patchwork Barn Quilt in Crystal Farm -$49 1-YEAR MEMBERSHIP INCLUDED
Q1-Print-and-Piece-0001   30% Off with Q.S. Print & Piece 7 Pack Bundle
AddQTRP   Add a 1/4" PLUS
Addqtr   Add a 1/4" Ruler X 6"
All-Things-Quilting-Book   All Things Quilting - Alex Anderson
Apliquick-LS   Apliquick 3 Hole Microserrated Quilting and Applique Scissors
Apliquick-needles   Apliquick Appliqué Needles
ApliquickD-T   Apliquick Ergonomic Quilting and Applique Tweezers
AppliquickC-S   Apliquick Microserrated Quilting and Applique Scissors
ApliquickE-P   Apliquick Quilting and Applique Pencils
Apliquick-ToolR   Apliquick Quilting and Applique Rods
Applique-Sheet   Applique Pressing Sheet
AURIHM   Aurifil 2017 Block of the Month "Halo Medallion" Thread Kit
Book-BQ   Beautifully Quilted with Alex Anderson
kkb-big-perf-circ   Bigger Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley
JRBMT   Binding Miter Tool
QS-BRNG4   Blended Colors Bobbin Set by Quilters Select
Bloc_Loc-KIS   Bloc Loc 4 Inch Kite In A Square Ruler Set
Bloc_LocTIS   Bloc_Loc 3" Triangle in a Square Ruler
Bloc_Loc-Flying-Geese-Ruler   Bloc_Loc 3X6 Finished Flying Geese Ruler
Drunkards-Path   Bloc_Loc 4" Drunkards Path Ruler
Bloc_Loc-Ruler5x5   Bloc_Loc HST 5.5" Acrylic Ruler
LW-Patchwork-Manual   Book - Patchwork Math Using Quilting Design Components by Lynn Wilder
QSThreadsC11   Browns Quilters Select 60 wt. Perfect Cotton-Plus Threads
wndrclp50   Clover Wonder Clips - 50 Pieces
GP-Control-Freak-Ruler   Control Freak Ruler from Gina Perkes
Three-quarter-cuts-   Cotton & Steel Mesa Aqua Indigo Stars 3/4 Yard Cut
1-1-4-yard-cuts   Cotton & Steel Mesa Fernbook Coral 1.25 Yard Cut
one-and-half-yard-cut2   Cotton & Steel Moonlit Gold 1.5 Yard Cut
One-yard   Cotton & Steel Paper Bandana Coral 1 Yard Cut
cs-one-yard   Cotton & Steel Tinsel Navy Pomegranates 1 Yard Cut
One-and-half-yards   Cotton & Steel XOXO Cobalt 1.5 Yard Cut
CA570Y   Cutting Mat Carrier
halo8d   Daylight Halo 8D Portable Magnifying Lamp
1-17   DVD Bundle Sale - 1 - 17 (sold out on Series 4, 5, 11 & 12)
hexl   English Paper Piecing Hexagons LARGE PACKS
hexs   English Paper Piecing Hexagons SMALL PACKS
CT-ECW   Essential Color Wheel
ESMRT   EverSewn Machine Rolling Tote
ESACC   EverSewn Quilting Accessory Kit
ES25   EverSewn Sparrow 25
ES30   EverSewn Sparrow 30
ESMBB   EverSewn Sparrow Sewing Machine Bag
BHunter-Tool   FAST2CUT Bonnie K. Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool
Tool-Circle-Goldsmith   fast2mark - Essential CIRCLE Tool
mirage-eighths   Fat Eighths Bundle from Alex's Mirage Collection
Book-FI   Finish It with Alex Anderson
FPowerK   Flower Power Kit by Alex Anderson
Product_Combo_PackLow-0003   Gina Perkes - Ruler Mastery Kit- (LOW SHANK ONLY) -
Product_Combo_PackLow-0018   Gina Perkes - Ruler Mastery Kit- (LOW SHANK ONLY) - Mastery Ruler Kit - Includes 10 Rulers & 3 Stencils
GP_Amelia_Low   Gina Perkes Amelia Ruler Low Shank
GP_Amelia_Standard   Gina Perkes Amelia Ruler Standard Shank
GP_Audrey   Gina Perkes Audrey Ruler
GP_bette_low   Gina Perkes Bette Ruler Low Shank
GP_bette_standard   Gina Perkes Bette Ruler Standard Shank
GP_Elizabeth_Low   Gina Perkes Elizabeth Ruler Low Shank
GP_Elizabeth_Standard   Gina Perkes Elizabeth Ruler Standard Shank
GP_Grace_Low   Gina Perkes Grace Ruler Low Shank
GP_Grace_Standard   Gina Perkes Grace Ruler Standard Shank
GP_Jane   Gina Perkes Jane Ruler
GP_June_Low_med   Gina Perkes June Medium Ruler Low Shank
GP_June_Standard_med   Gina Perkes June Medium Ruler Standard Shank
GP_June_Low_sm   Gina Perkes June Small Ruler Low Shank
GP_June_Standard_sm   Gina Perkes June Small Ruler Standard Shank
GP_Marilyn   Gina Perkes Marilyn Ruler
GP-Rose-L   Gina Perkes Rose Medium Ruler Low Shank
GP-Rose-S   Gina Perkes Rose Medium Ruler Standard Shank
Product_Combo_LowShank   Gina Perkes Ruler Mastery Kit - Low Shank
Product_Combo_Standard   Gina Perkes Ruler Mastery Kit - Standard Shank
GP_Shirley_Standard   Gina Perkes Shirley Ruler Standard Shank
Alex_Pattern_HolidayLights   Holiday Lights Pattern
ECW3IN1   Joen Wolfrom Combo - Essential Color Wheel & 3-in1 Color Tool Book
MODA-Hansel-Gretel   Just Another Walk in the Woods Panel by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda
lapacrt   La Passcaglia Acrylic Cutting Templates - 5 Piece Set
lappaper   La Passcaglia Small Paper Pack
LBAA   Ladybug Cottage Kit by Alex Anderson
Karen-Kay-Scissors-Large   Large Perfect Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley
RT-LL-DVD   Libby Lehman - A Day of Threadplay
Book-MQ   Machine Quilting with Alex Anderson
magicmir   Magic Mirror for Quilters by Marti Michell
Make-your-First   Make your First Quilt
Karen-Kay-Scissors-Medium   Medium Perfect Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley
MD-Shapes-Lace-Cards   Melissa & Doug Lace and Trace Shapes
CA14Y   Mini Supply Organizer
CA14A   Mini Supply Organizer - Aqua
CA14YF   Mini Supply Organizer - Fuchsia
CA14G   Mini Supply Organizer - Green
CA14YP   Mini Supply Organizer - Purple
Droppers   Mixed Media - (5 flexible plastic droppers)
Book-Michele-Hill   More William Morris - Applique
17   New- Series 17 DVD
kkb-perf-circ   Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley
kkb-perf-oval   Perfect Ovals by Karen Kay Buckley
kdb-perf-stem   Perfect Stems by Karen Kay Buckley
QS-Glue-Stick   Quilters Select - Fabric Glue Stick plus 1 Refill
QS-GlueStickRefill   Quilters Select - 4 Glue Stick Refills
Q.S.-Select-Rotary-Mat1218   Quilters Select - Select Rotary Mat - 12" X 18"
Q.S.Select-Rotary-Mat-1824   Quilters Select - Select Rotary Mat - 18"x24"
Q.S.-Select-Rotary-Mat2436   Quilters Select - Select Rotary Mat - 24" x 36"
Q.S.-Quilting-Rulers1212   Quilters Select -Quilting Ruler 12 x 12
Q.S.-Quilting-Rulers12.5   Quilters Select -Quilting Ruler 12.5" x 12.5"
Q.S.-Quilting-Rulers66   Quilters Select -Quilting Ruler 6" X 6"
Q.S.-Quilting-Rulers65   Quilters Select -Quilting Ruler 6.5" x 6.5"
Q.S.-Quilting-Rulers88   Quilters Select -Quilting Ruler 8 x 8"
Q.S.-Quilting-Rulers81-2   Quilters Select -Quilting Ruler 8-1/2" x 8-1/2"
QSTHRDKTBL   Quilters Select 2018 Block of the Month "Blue Sky" Thread Kit
QSTHRDKTCF   Quilters Select 2018 Block of the Month "Crystal Farm" Thread Kit
Q.S.-Quilting-Ruler312   Quilters Select 3" X 12" Quilting Ruler
Q.S.5x5R   Quilters Select 5" X 5" Quilting Ruler
Q.S.6x12R   Quilters Select 6" X 12" Quilting Ruler
Q.S.6x24R   Quilters Select 6" X 24" Quilting Ruler
Quilters-Select-Appli   Quilters Select Appli Stick
Q.S.-Appli-StickTape.5   Quilters Select Appli-Stick 1/2" Tape
Q.S.-Appli-StickTape   Quilters Select Appli-Stick 1/4" Tape
Q.S.-Appli-Web   Quilters Select Appli-Web
Q.S.-Appli-Web-Plus-Roll   Quilters Select Appli-Web Plus Fusible
Q.S.-CutAway   Quilters Select CutAway
Q.S.-Fuse-Lite   Quilters Select Print & Piece Fuse Lite
Q1-Print-and-Piece   Quilters Select Print and Piece
Q1-Print-and-PieceB   Quilters Select Print and Piece - Quilter's 7 Pack Bundle
QS-Rotary-Cutter   Quilters Select Rotary Cutter
QS-Rotary-CutterB   Quilters Select Rotary Cutter Blades (5pack 45m Blades)
Q.S.-Select-Bundle   Quilters Select Ruler and Mat Large Starter Bundle
QS-Starter   Quilters Select Ruler and Mat Starter Bundle
Q.S.-TearAway   Quilters Select TearAway
CA120Y   Quilting Carry-All
CA120YF   Quilting Carry-All - Fuchsia
CA120YL   Quilting Carry-All - Green
CA120YP   Quilting Carry-All - Purple
RT-Christmas-CD   Ricky Tims Christmas in a Small Town CD
RT-Christmastime-CD   Ricky Tims Christmastime CD
DVD-GF   Ricky Tims Grand Finale
RT=Heart-CD   Ricky Tims Heart n Soul CD
KK   Ricky Tims Kool Kaleidoscope
RT=Sacred-CD   Ricky Tims Sacred Age CD
RTStable   Ricky Tims Stable Stuff Poly
1   Series 1 DVD
10   Series 10 DVD
13   Series 13 DVD
14   Series 14 DVD
15   Series 15 DVD
16   Series 16 DVD
2   Series 2 DVD
3   Series 3 DVD
6   Series 6 DVD
7   Series 7 DVD
8   Series 8 DVD
9   Series 9 DVD
CA575Y   Sewing Machine Mat
SharkRC   Shark Applicutter Rotary Cutter
Shark_Blade_Cutter   Shark Applicutter Rotary Cutter Combo Pack
RAppellBlade   Shark Applicutter Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades
Quilting-Panel-1   Skillbuilder 1 Fabric Sampler - Multi-Designs
Quilting-Panel-2   Skillbuilder 2 Fabric Sampler - Feather
StartQ   Start Quilting, Third Edition with Alex Anderson- Autographed
sbetty-FL   Steady Betty 12 x 12 Featherlight Pressing Mat SOLD OUT
sbetty-B-501524   Steady Betty 15 x 24 B-50 Pressing Mat SOLD OUT
sbetty-B-50   Steady Betty 16 x 16 B-50 Pressing Mat
SulkyE   Sulky - Soft 'n Sheer Extra
thimbleit   Thimble-It Self-Stick Thimble Pads
bobbinclamp   Tulips Universal Bobbin Clamps - 12 Pieces
UColorTool   Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool by Joen Wolfrom
WST4-0001   WonderFIL Specialty Threads-(4 spools per tube) - PASTEL

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